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Concreters Mackay

For more than two decades, Mackay Concrete Experts has continued to provide the best and the most budget-friendly concreting services in Mackay and surrounding cities. Our work speaks tons about our experience and skills in making durable and high-quality concrete surfaces that could last a long time. 

Concrete has become a popular material around the world since the advent of the industrial revolution. When you look around you can definitely see some sort of concrete materials in houses and roads. This is primarily because concrete is a sturdy yet reliably durable material that is both easy to work with and inexpensive. Concrete also has the potential to produce spectacular decorative pieces and design elements in any space. If installed properly, concrete can become a visually appealing yet resistant structure.

When building anything with concrete, you need to have enough skills to build the proper reinforcement to protect it from the elements. You also need to know the right way of texturing techniques to achieve intricate patterns. However, thanks to Mackay Concrete Experts, you don’t need to do it yourself. Whatever your concrete project is, we can do it for you. We specialise in decorative concrete for driveways, floors, and vertical surfaces using the following techniques:

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Professional Expert Concreters

Our team is composed of expert concreters who have more than a decade of experience in creating durable and high-quality concrete projects.

Quality Assured & Standard Compliant

All the materials and equipment we use in our projects are high-quality and advanced. This allows us to work fast, efficient, and accurate. We stand by the quality of our work.

Fair & Transparent Pricing Policy

Our main goal is to make professional concreting services accessible to everyone in Mackay. That's why we always make sure that our pricing is both fair and transparent.

Mackay Concreting Services

We specialise in different kinds of concrete installation in Mackay for both residential and commercial projects. We offer a wide range of services such as driveways, exposed aggregates, coloured concrete, and other concreting solutions.


Concreters Mackay has a simple aim: to exceed the expectations of your customers with superior service and quality products. With an uncompromising commitment to excellence, we lead by example through our passionate approach towards exceeding customer expectations which is what gave us the reputation that we have throughout Queensland today. All of our team at Concreters Mackay specialise in domestic, commercial and industrial hand placed concrete works as they are all certified specialists who know how important it is for you to get exactly what you want when dealing with such services.

Concreters Mackay’s goal since day one was always been about exceeding their clients’ expectation no matter where or why people would come into contact with them because this desire stems from their compassionate attitude towards providing excellent services to all our clients.

Safe & Environment-Friendly

Mackay Concrete Experts is committed to occupational health, safety and the environment. It’s all part of our business!

To ensure that we’re doing everything possible to provide safe working conditions for employees, McGinn always seeks environmentally friendly options in its building materials. To date, this has included complying with statutory requirements by following: codes; standards; guidelines from Green Building Council Australia (GBCA) on “Green Star” buildings as well as other industry best practices relating to environmental sustainability such as fabricating high-performance facades out of recycled material or implementing innovative sustainable design solutions like vernacular architecture principles in order reduce carbon emissions due to construction waste while also conserving natural resources.

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We specialise in high-quality and visually appealing driveways in Mackay.

Your driveway serves a bigger purpose than you think. First of all, it is the first thing that people can see when they look at your house. That is why many people decorate a portion of their driveways with plants and other gardening decors. Secondly, your driveway is the portion of your house that gets the most foot and car traffic. Hence, your driveways need to be long-lasting and tough so that they can handle the stress of daily traffic. Brewing the perfect balance between utility and design requires a highly creative and skilled team of concreters. At Mackay Concrete Experts, we are a team of professional concrete driveway builders that have been in the business for more than 20 years. We specialise in all types of driveways, including:

So, if you are looking for a concrete driveway builder that you can trust, call Mackay Concrete Experts and one of our in-house experts would gladly discuss with you the different driveway options that are available to you.

Areas We Serve

Providing Concrete Services to Mackay, QLD and Surrounding Areas

Our concreting services are available to residents of the Mackay area and surrounding suburbs. Please see the list of suburbs available for service below:

Can’t see your area on the list? That’s not a problem – our services are available to customers in the Mackay area. Please give our team a call at (07) 4843 4963, they’ll be able to confirm if your location is available for service.

Residential Concreting Mackay

Concreting Mackay is an experienced Residential Concretering firm with over 40 years of knowledge in providing a top-notch service to builders and homeowners alike. They provide advice, ideas, and suggestions for your project – all from the very knowledgeable team that’s there to help you make informed decisions about improving or renovating any aspect of your home! Let them assist you today as they are always committed to meeting budgets on time every single time so that when it comes right down to it: The customer can be confident in their decision by knowing what kind of quality workmanship they’re getting from professionals who take pride not only in the job but also how important our client’s trust is too.

We offer a variety of services within the Residential Concreting sector:

  • Driveways – Exposed Aggregate, Plain or Coloured
  • Entertainment Areas
  • Patios
  • Tennis Courts
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Slabs
  • House Extension Slabs
  • Water Tank Slabs
  • Shed Slabs
  • Pathways
  • Boulder Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscaping
  • Demolition
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Security / Safety Bollards
  • Wheel Stops

For those who are looking for a professional concreter who can pull off a clean and beautiful residential concreting project, call us on our hotline at (07) 4843 4963 to get a free quote today.

Commercial Concreting in Mackay

Mackay Concretors has over 20 years of experience transforming commercial sites with high-quality concrete. Our team is well-equipped to handle any project, no matter the size or scope. We work closely with clients throughout Queensland and Australia to ensure they receive a solution that matches their needs perfectly – from flooring options like tiling and fibrous sheet membrane systems for food handling areas, drywall installation services in offices spaces, all the way up to concreting large scale projects such as driveways and pavements!

Our Commercial Concreting Solutions include:

  • Formwork
  • High Rise
  • Car parks
  • Parking Lots
  • Ramps
  • Tilt up Panels
  • Pre Stressed Slabs
  • Suspended Slabs
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Bulk Pours
  • Bio Retention Basins
  • Retaining Walls
  • Line Marking
  • Demolition
  • House Slabs
  • Steel Fixing
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Bondek
  • Security/Safety Bollards
  • Wheel Stops

For those who are looking for a professional concreter who can pull off a clean and beautiful commercial concreting project, call us on our hotline at (07) 4843 4963 to get a free quote today.

Exposed Aggregate in Mackay

Exposed Aggregate is one of the most advanced techniques in concreting. The level of skills required to pull off clean and neat exposed aggregate concrete surfaces is enormous. To achieve the look, the concrete must seed aggregates made of natural or manufactured pebbles or batch them with the cement mix. Then, the concrete paste’s outer layer is stripped out to expose a beautiful and highly decorative aggregate underneath. Undoubtedly, this technique has grown so much in popularity since the early 1900s. If done properly, exposed aggregate concretes can provide an endless possibility of designs and patterns that can surely take all spectators’ breaths away. 

As mentioned earlier, exposed aggregates are a popular surface technique. It is so popular that you can use it in different ways. Here are some of the ways you can use it on flat and vertical surfaces:


For those who are looking for a professional concreter who can pull off a clean and beautiful exposed aggregate concrete surface, call us in our hotline at (07) 4843 4963 to get a free quote today.

Coloured Concrete in Mackay

Is your construction project looking for a touch of creativity? Mackay Concrete Experts offers an array of options to customize with our coloured concrete. As a budget-friendly and low-effort material, we can make all the designs come to life!

Adding colour to everything is always a good idea. Colour allows a bare and plain surface to be taken to a new level in terms of design. Do you know that you can also do this concrete? Yes! Coloured concrete is a thing and it has revolutionized concreting for the last several years. You can see it mostly in parks, huge architectural buildings, and even in resorts and hotels. However, coloured concrete is not just for the big guns. It’s for everybody. 

Many users of coloured concrete are happy with the range and freedom in the choice that it offers them. With a wide variety of colours to pick from, you can have an affordable alternative resembling brick or tile without sacrificing appearance. Mackay Concrete Experts offer their customers colourfully customizable concrete with many options so they don’t need to worry about following trends otherwise set by other companies.

In order to achieve a coloured concrete surface, you need to add colouring pigments to the wet concrete before mixing it. This always you to have concrete of different colours and hues – from subtle tones to bright ones. At Mackay Concrete Experts, we have a wide variety of colours you can choose from. Call our experts today to explore our different options.


We provide a variety of concrete services, such as: driveways, patios and pathways that will give you the look you want at Slade Point Mackay QLD. Our goal is to bring value for our clients’ investment with excellent service each step of the way.


Your neighbours will be green with envy when they see your brand new driveway! We’ll give you over 20 different shades to choose from, so think about what colour would look best on the outside of your property. You can match it up perfectly or go for an entirely different shade – whatever suits you and compliments your home aesthetically! It won’t cost a lot either; our service is priced affordably in comparison to other companies that do this kind of work. Turn heads at dusk by adding some life into the front area with us today!


Geometric patterns on your drive way might seem like a good idea. But, how do you choose which one to go for? Brick? Cobblestone? Wood Plank? We are here to help with that! Transform your driveway completely and add texture by getting scored, stamped or engraved .


Are you a homeowner in Mackay QLD? If so, we provide concrete services that are perfect for homeowners like yourself. We offer decorative concrete services such as stamping and stencilling; cleaning to restore your surface’s appearance after years of wear-and-tear or abuse; repairing damaged areas with our epoxy resurfacing techniques – whatever you need! Get an estimate today by contacting us via phone call, email, or by filling up the form above. 


Are you the owner of a business in Mackay and want to revamp an area on your property? Maybe for parking lot renovations, staircases, or storefronts? Then hiring licensed professionals is important. We at Concreters use specialised equipment and provide training for our workers so there are no errors made when working with concrete. You can only expect quality work from us because we have years of experience under our belts!

Stamped Concrete in Mackay

Have you ever seen concrete surfaces that look like wood? How about those that disguise as bricks or slates? They’re cool, right? There’s a name for it: Stamped Concrete. It is a technique that is achieved by creating a stamp (usually made of wood or metal) that simulates a pattern. While the concrete is still wet, the pattern is stamped, so when it dries, it will have edges that look like that of wood or porcelain tiles. Stamped concretes have become very popular in the last few decades as it provides more decorative sense than plain concrete. It is also a good and cheaper alternative to expensive materials like limestone and slates. Stamped concrete is perfect for:

Stamped concrete is an excellent choice for those who want a more textured surface. Stamping the material creates texture through either prints or stencils, which makes it look like brick, stone, paver stones and tile in one quick application. It also has many different colours to choose from so you can match your space perfectly! The versatility of stamped concrete means that it’s perfect for any location – whether residential or commercial – and can be applied over old surfaces without too much trouble depending on consultation with Mackay Concrete Experts.

So if you want to have stamped concrete structures and floors built for you, call us today to inquire about our very cost-effective offering. 

Holistic Concrete Experts in Mackay

The concrete industry is always changing and we’re on the cutting edge of all these changes. We offer:

Concrete driveways, walkways, bridges; Home additions or extensions with poured walls for interior layout planning possibilities; Concrete patios & balconies – perfect for entertaining friends and family in your backyard! You can also choose to have a garden bed installed as well by completing our DIY kit that comes free with purchase.; And finally but certainly not least- decorative stamped patterns throughout any surface you desire so it doesn’t look like “just another slab.” If you want something really unique then I suggest getting some coloured pebbles from one of those craft stores to mix into your cement after it’s been mixed up.

Decorative Concrete We Offer

As decorative concrete specialists, we can add a variety of stylish and eye-catching finishes to almost any surface. We work with the client’s budget by using cost-effective materials that are highly weather-resistant and long-lasting—not just good looking! Our team is able to produce an array of colours in order for your project to meet its design requirements exactly as you envision it.

As someone who specializes in designing beautiful spaces on budgets, I’m always excited when clients come up with their own ideas or have something specific they want us to do. When people take the time during construction planning stages to think about colour schemes or how surfaces will be finished off not only does it save money but also leads me to know what kind of material might best suit them.

Choose from our decorative concrete options below:

We offer a diverse range of earthmoving machinery, from fixings and footings to the final finish. From concrete slabs that are built-strong and affordable all thanks to our fleet, you’re sure be pleased with what we can do for you today.


How long does a project take to finish?

Each project has its own time window. There are projects that can be delivered within a day. Others may need a week or a month. Nonetheless, before we start with any project, we will provide you with an estimate and we strive to make sure that we deliver on time.

Can you do coloured concrete?

Yes, of course! We do coloured concretes for driveways, path walks, plazas, pool decks, and patios. We do them for walls too! Call our hotline today so we can walk you through the different colour options we have available!

How can we contact you?

You can call our number at (07) 4843 4963 or send us an email at [email protected]. One of our friendly representatives will help you through all of your concerns!