Tips on Controlling Weeds on Your Concrete

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Concrete is one of the different durable and versatile materials that you can use on your property. Whatever type of project you have with your concrete, there are many benefits to be gained. Should you plan to have concrete flooring or otherwise for your outdoor space, however, there is one common problem to look out for.

This problem would be weeds. Weeds are a recurring problem for any outdoor space and with concrete, it generally occurs due to cracks in the structure. If left alone, these seemingly harmless plants can cause all kinds of harm to your concrete with erosion as the worst-case scenario. To prevent this, there are a number of different ways you can control weed growth and prevent damage.

Weed Prevention Tips

There are different reasons that weeds end up growing on your landscape and are generally a type of problem that cannot be fully eradicated. With concrete, weeds generally grow due to the moisture that seeps into cracks on the concrete and is retained into the ground. Some of the best ways you can control weed growth in your concrete include the following:

Kill Them With Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most common herbicides to use against weeds due to its acidic nature. While spraying vinegar onto the weeds can help, it can be more effective when place in a mixture. A recommended solution would be to mix a gallon of white vinegar with a cup of table salt, a cup of lemon juice, and two tablespoons of dish soap. You also have the option to use pickling vinegar as a more acidic alternative.

Boiling Water

Considered as one of the most natural ways to kill weeds, pouring boiling water can also be the quickest go-to solution. You can simply pour leftover boiling water into the cracks and the intense heat should deal with the weeds. If there is salt in the water, don’t worry, it helps kill many weeds. While the process may take a while, over time, the boiling water will kill the weeds from the root.

Pull Them Out

If you don’t mind going the more manual route, you also have the option of simply pulling out the weeds. When pulling out weeds, you will want to make sure to pull them by the root to minimize the likelihood of them returning. Aside from this, if you pull them before they have gone to seed, you can add them to your compost bin to make nutrient-rich mulch for your desirable plants.

Propane Torch

A harsh but effective method you can go for is to torch the weeds. Many weeds tolerate a fair amount of heat, but not the 2,000 degrees produced by a propane flame. There are different options for different tools that can make the torching process convenient. Si king as the proper method and safety measures are implemented, this is a feasible option to use to control your weed overgrowth.

Seal Cracks

Given that one of the main reasons weeds grow is through concrete cracks, the most straightforward solution is to have the cracks sealed. Depending on the length of the damage on the concrete, it can be repaired with the right filler. Another method you can go for is to fill any cracks with mortar or a mortar caulking product.

How Mackay Concreters Can Help

Weeds are a generally common problem with different landscapes and there are different ways to deal with ones that end up growing through your concrete. While there are different ways you yourself can deal with a weed problem, it can also help to have a quality professional service team that can provide concrete that you won’t have to worry about. With Mackay Concreters, you can be assured of different quality options to meet any concreting needs.


A concrete flooring or otherwise can be a strong structure to have for your outdoor space but it can also end up having issues from different elements. One of them is weeds growing through cracks. There are a number of different methods to deal with this issue or control the growth. From spraying vinegar to outright sealing the cracks, there are different ways to prevent further damage to your concrete.