Choosing the Best Concrete Finish for You

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Concrete is one of the most durable materials that you can choose for an outdoor project. More than having high durability though, different materials and ratios in its mixture can provide versatility in characteristics. What really brings out the different aesthetics that concrete provides though are the different finishes that can be applied to it. Depending on what style you are looking for with your outdoor project, there are different options that you can select from for your concrete finish.

Concrete Finish Options

With different concrete, finishes come different features that may appeal to you along with different pitfalls that you may want to note. Among the various different finishes that you can choose from, the following are some of the more notable ones:

Broom Finished Concrete

This concrete finish features a distinct rough texture and is generally used on regular concrete driveways and sidewalks. What makes it a popular choice is it being a durable and economical finish, as well as one that provides good traction in wet conditions. It is also the least labour-intensive finish and gives your concrete exterior a fresh, clean look. The main downside to this material is that it’s a little harder to clean due to its rough texture.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

Featuring a bumpy, pebbled texture, exposed aggregate finish provides excellent traction when wet but often has sharp or pointy edges that would not work well for something like a backyard patio. It is made when you use natural stones or other aggregate and ‘seed’ them into a concrete base. While rough in texture, it does offer a range of colours and types of aggregate, enabling an option for customization.

Stamped and Sealed Finish

Compared to other types of concrete finishes, stamped concrete finishes are regular concrete that is patterned or textured to look like different stone products. If you wanted you can have it look like brick, paver stones, tile, slate and mimic other textures and patterns. With a variety in style and design options to choose from, it can work great around pools, outdoor kitchens and patios, wineries, or any other area. A pitfall with this type of finish though is that it is one of the more costly options and needs sealing more frequently.

Sandwashed Concrete Finish

A sand washed concrete finish holds a mixture with a higher proportion of small sand-sized particles versus pebble-sized particles for exposed aggregate. Once applied and the top layer of cement is washed off, the concrete is left with a uniform texture much like the surface of sandpaper. The main benefit with this concrete finish is that it provides a comfortable surface with excellent traction and an unobtrusive aesthetic that can work on any style of landscape.

Polished Finished Concrete

Generally found in commercial spaces but optional for residential spaces as well, a polished finish will give your concrete floor a strong, durable and polished finish that is easy to clean and maintain. Given the shiny aesthetic that this concrete finish provides, it may fall on what project you are aiming to have this finish applied to determine how well it would fit.

Determining which concrete finish would be best for you ultimately falls on what style you are looking for and what/where you are having it applied on. If you are unsure on what would be the best fit for you, having Mackay Concreters as an option of professional service can help.

What Mackay Concreters Can Provide

There are a variety of options that come with concrete projects and its finishes. Because of this, you will want to have a professional service group that can help meet any concrete needs with budget-friendly options and dependable specialists to consult. Mackay Concreters can provide this for you and more. Whatever finish may hold your interest, Mackay Concreters can assist in determining the best fitting concrete finish for you.


One of the most durable materials that you can choose to use is concrete. Concrete can also make for a versatile material but what really brings out its different styles and aesthetics are the different finishes that can be applied to it. Some can provide rough textures while others can provide either an eye-catching design or shiny aesthetic. No matter what may interest you, the best concrete finish may be determined by where it may be applied or what a professional service group can advise.